Both the Workman & the American Weave were remixed and redone, with a lower price point.  Be “knotty” this cold weather season!

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Check out the Americana Collection sale inside!

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This fall/ winter, Knits&Knotts offers an array of classic designs.  Each essential piece is handcrafted to suit the impeccable taste of our clients. The entire inventory is classic.

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Seasonal Favorites

Have you covered the basics? The spring & summer will be here before you know it!  Square off &  stack the savings..

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Handmades for the individual!

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we create industry leading ICT solutions

Mobile Solutions

Today, businesses compete in an ever-changing, always-connected environment with a growing demand for solutions for the mobile workforce. Mobility has become more than just a trend; it has evolved into a business transforming revolution. Our mobile solutions helps your business to address this need, so that you dont fall behind the competition.

User Experience

We are committed to delivering first class quality and state of the art technology solutions. Our solutions are designed to improve organizational performance, effectiveness and enhance user engagement by creating amazing experiences for end users. Most of our solutions are accessible through diverse media wherever you are.

Our Team

At BTS, great and bright minds collaborate daily to create industry leading solutions. We understand that it really matters that our solutions provide great user experience along with functionality and services promised. We therefore provide your clients with an unrivaled experience through carefully designed systems.

School Portals

Eduvantave Point Solution (for higher institutions) and A1 School™ (for nursery, primary and secondary schools) are our school portal solutions that successfuly bring together all activities within the school into a flexible portal. Student enrollment, Accounting, Operations, Infirmary Management, Parental access, etc have all been successfully automated. The portal can be subscribed to under Basic, Professional or Premium.

A1 Pay™

A1 Pay, is a collections technology that allows consumers of goods or service to conveniently make payment through the ATM or web. The platform offers great flexibility and is designed to integrates with all possible scenarios.